The 20 largest publicly traded electricity generators in the U.S. represent nearly half of the power sector’s carbon emissions, and as the IPCC has shown, decarbonizing electricity is the lynchpin of limiting warming to 1.5 °C and building a sustainable economy. Electric utilities stand to profit significantly from aggressive economy-wide decarbonization, but only three of the top 20 publicly traded utilities have set a net-zero emissions target. Majority Action launched a coalition of leading institutional investors to draw a bright line for these companies: the time to commit to full decarbonization is now.



A $1.8 trillion investor coalition calling on the top 20 U.S. electric utilities to commit to full decarbonization and align their capital spending, executive compensation, and political influence to that goal (see press release here).


The Net-Zero by 2050 report, detailing the urgency of global decarbonization and the risks and opportunities for electric utilities and their investors (see webinar here).


Exposing problematic governance at top U.S. utilities that are doubling down on fossil fuel investments