Critical Climate Company Votes

By Vote Type

Type Company Explanation
Climate-related Transition Plan Amazon
Companies are asked to explain what steps they will take to adapt their business to the reality and risks of climate change, and what strategy will be developed to ensure that the company reduces its carbon footprint in alignment with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement (2º C).
Disclose Lobbying BlackRock
Duke Energy
General Motors
Investors seek to ensure that the lobbying expenditures of companies are consistent with companies’ public statements regarding climate change. When companies disclose their payments for direct lobbying at the state and federal level; payments to trade associations like the US Chamber of Commerce, American Petroleum Institute or ALEC; and expenditures for “grassroots” efforts, then corporate lobbying efforts become more transparent.
Disclose Political Spending Duke Energy
Similar to lobbying, corporate contributions to political campaigns, especially since the Citizens United decision, can undermine democracy and thwart public policy efforts to mitigate climate risk.
Independent Chair Chevron
This corporate governance best practice asks companies to ensure that the CEO is not his or her own boss. CEO are more likely to respond to climate risk if there is independent oversight of their performance.
Report on impacts of coal use Duke Energy
Asks Duke Energy, which generates nearly a quarter of its electricity from coal, to explain how it will mitigate the contamination and air quality risks associated with coal.
Vote Against Members of Board of Directors Duke Energy
Boards of directors represent shareholders and oversee management. In cases where board members have conflicts of interest or fail to exercise their responsibilities, shareholders should not vote to elect them. Managing climate risk is one of the responsibilities of board members.

By Company

Company Key Vote Company Importance
Amazon Climate-related Transition Plan Half of US online retail market;1 same-day shipping has large emissions impact;2 AWS data centers consume lots of power to run and cool.3
BlackRock Disclose Lobbying World’s largest investment manager; top shareholder in most publicly traded companies; CEO stated that lobbying was a profitable investment.5
Chevron Climate-related Transition Plan
Disclose Lobbying
Independent Chair
Chevron states that a “decrease in overall fossil fuel emissions is not inconsistent with continued or increased fossil fuel production by the most efficient producers.”6 In 2018 alone, Chevron spent $29 million lobbying on climate-related legislation, including repeal of low carbon and renewable fuel standards, and for the opening of US federal lands to hydrocarbon exploration.7
Dominion Independent Chair Major electric utility’s long-term commitment to carbon reductions does not reach net-zero by 2050, the level needed to avoid catastrophic climate change.8
Duke Energy Disclose Lobbying
Disclose Political Spending
Report On Impacts of Coal Use
Vote Against Climate Denier Director
A major utility and coal burner, Duke Energy spent $38 million in lobbying in 2010-2016 alone, opposing the Clean Power Plan as well as a number of state-level initiatives on renewable and clean energy.9 Duke Director Daniel DiMicco, a prominent climate denier and funder of the Heartland Institute, sits on the board committee that is supposed to provide oversight of Duke's sustainability and political efforts.
ExxonMobil Disclose Lobbying
Disclose Political Spending
Independent Chair
Vote Against All Directors
The world’s largest publicly-traded oil and gas company by market capitalization. Exxon and 4 peers together spent over $1 billion in the three years following the Paris Agreement on climate-related branding and lobbying at odds with the goals of that Agreement.10 ExxonMobil failed to disclose GHG emissions from its operations and products and refused to set targets on reducing those emissions
Ford Disclose Lobbying
Dislcose Political Spending
Major US automaker and funder of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which has lobbied extensively to dismantle policies designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.11
GM Disclose Lobbying Major US automaker and funder of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which has lobbied extensively to dismantle policies designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.12